Carnaval de Cadiz in Girona and Tarragona!

The best Cadiz carnival show of 2019 arrives in your city from the hand of the most laureate groups in history at the official COAC competition. The “comparsa” by Martínez Ares “Los Carnivales”, La chirigota del Selu “Los quema sangre ” and the quartet and comic actor Javi Aguilera, who will delight the attendees, filling up Cádiz’s essence, humour and carnival beat every corner of the place.

Almost three hours of pure Cádiz essence where the groups interpret their latest works and anthologies of the best of their career, with some surprise that you can only enjoy and discover if you get your ticket.

At last it smells of carnival, humour, irony, criticism and excitement without censorship from Cádiz that only the attendees of this show can enjoy.

Get your ticket now and do not miss the Carnival of Cádiz!

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