Maka in Girona!

He arrives at La Mirona, Maka, the new musical phenomenon that comes from the south, from miscegenation, from ‘sentío’ and as he says, ‘del Mismo duende’. His songs are fusion between rap, flamenco and rumba, with the most current rhythms of reggaeton, hip hop and trap. He adds millions of reproductions of his hits ‘Cositas ... Read more

Carnaval de Cadiz in Girona and Tarragona!

The best Cadiz carnival show of 2019 arrives in your city from the hand of the most laureate groups in history at the official COAC competition. The “comparsa” by Martínez Ares “Los Carnivales”, La chirigota del Selu “Los quema sangre ” and the quartet and comic actor Javi Aguilera, who will delight the attendees, filling up ... Read more

Bustamante returns to Girona

Bustamante returns with more strength than ever, and announces his “Tour Héroes” that this year will take him to tour all of Spain with a concert tour in which, in addition to playing all the successes of his career, he will present the songs of his new album “Héroes” in times of war “, whose first single” Héroes “entered ... Read more

Dúo Dinámico returns!

More in shape than ever, the inimitable Dynamic Duo visits Girona to perform at the Auditori de Girona. The appointment will be on June 30, 2019, in an evening that promises to recall the great successes that have made Ramón Arcusa and Manuel de la Calva into true legends of the best Spanish music. The Dynamic Duo is undoubtedly the ... Read more

José Mercé y Tomatito: the best of flamenco in Girona

About a year ago, the project began to take shape. José Mercé and Tomatito, two old friends whose paths had crossed on countless occasions, have returned to agree on the same idea: record a disc together and make a tour to take their music to the most important stages of the world. The objective is clear: to claim flamenco as music, as ... Read more

Camela in Girona

Camela do not return, simply because they have never left, but they have had to spend 3 years for Ángeles Muñoz and Dioni Martín to present their new album, perhaps the most anticipated by its thousands of loyal fans. It is not easy to continue in the gap after 24 years on the road and at the top of the sales and popularity lists of ... Read more

Los Rebujitos in Girona

Manuel and Yerai form the group “Los Rebujitos”. Born in Tarifa (Cádiz), they release their first album in 2004 under the title “Lo Que Me Gusta De Ti”. An album with which they manage to gain a foothold in the world of music, selling more than 40,000 copies and performing more than 70 concerts throughout the Spanish geography. After ... Read more

Antonio José comes to Girona again!

Antonio José is coming back again to Girona! Antonio José has become less than 3 years in the most pop artist in the country. After leaving the TV talent show, he is the only artist who has demonstrated a solid career and possibilities of consolidation in Spain and development in Latin America, and is probably the only one, or one of the ... Read more

Maki and María Artés in Girona

Once again we can enjoy the wonderful art of Maki in Girona! Save the date: 20th October, in Sala Platea in Girona, you have an appointment with the best music. After eight albums with Warner Music Spain, nowadays, Maki performs tasks of artistic producer and artistic godfather of María Artés, who we will also have the pleasure of ... Read more

Cepeda in Tarragona

Luis Cepeda after releasing his first single ‘Esta Vez’, reaching number 1 on the Spanish sales charts, being number 1 on iTunes, with 4.5M views on YouTube … he is about to publish his first album, a promising work, creative and that allows us to better understand their artistic evolution. In 2016 he received the proposal to compete ... Read more