Become one of our sponsors! Join White & Bright as a sponsor of our concerts and events.

Why sponsor?

To give public and media visibility to your business and reach a large audience. Sponsoring an event or a concert offers a high performance in image and advertising with very positive contributions: presence in the media, opis, static advertising, posters, flyers, programs… Also our sponsors benefit from invitations, purchase of ticket packages with discounts, presentations and sales of products and discounts for employees.

How to sponsor?

With White&Bright you can become a collaborator of an event or a concert in your own way. We adapt to your needs and connect your business with the show that best suits your audience.

You can sponsor of the whole event, sponsor a product or service, sponsor a concert… If you are interested in being present at our events contact us and we will find the formula that goes with you and your business.



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Official Broadcaster

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