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Cepeda’s concert in Girona

Luis Cepeda after releasing his first single ‘Esta Vez’, reaching number 1 on the Spanish sales charts, being number 1 on iTunes, with 4.5M views on YouTube … he is about to publish his first album, a promising work, creative and that allows us to better understand their artistic evolution. In 2016 he received the ... Leer más

Girona gets ready for Pastora Soler

Pastora Soler is an Andalusian singer who mixes the flamenco and the copla, both traditional music styles from her region, with pop music. In 2004, she completed 20 years of musical career since the release of her first album called ’Nuestras Coplas’ in 1994. In July 2017 she released ‘La Tormenta’ a single which seems ... Leer más