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Antonio José


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Auditori de Girona
Passeig de la Devesa, 35
Girona, QLD 17001 España
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The credibility of an artist is not achieved by winning the most successful talent show of recent years, nor becoming the most important social phenomenon of recent times thanks to television, as Antonio José knows. It is very clear. Since he set foot off the program that catapulted him to fame, this 21-year-old from Cordoba has recovered all the lessons learned over years of attempts and closed doors and has had a single slogan: to work, to risk and to give it Every day, in each of the more than 60 concerts to date that offered with his first multiplatinum album, “El viaje”, bringing together more than 100,000 people throughout Spain. Watching, watching, playing, listening and above all feeling, Antonio José has managed to get a second album, “Senti2”, which, from the moment he had it in his hands, believed that it was the best opportunity to start building A long career. “I never thought that in such a short time I could be able to have such a complete record,” he says. And so, as he has begun to demonstrate since the release of his first single, “Contigo”.

To begin with, “Senti2”  contains 12 themes, of which 9 have co-written with other authors, including some of them alone. Letters in some cases kept in a drawer that finally dared to show without fear, and in others built on trips, houses and in his own room in Palma del Rio. “You can not be afraid to show feelings. Fear makes you coward, it does not help you to rise up or believe that you are capable of doing so. If I do not believe in what I do, no one will do it, “, he says. In this second album, for which he has had the time he has needed, Antonio José has taken a giant step and has played with a work that he knows essential in his career, because it supposes the confirmation of an over whelming success of which is Aware that a good part of their future depends. Because if something obsessed him with “Senti2” was to launch an album with a style of his own, important in its sound and demanding in its content, to help him to have the long-running career that finally begins to brush with his fingers. Antonio Jose always believed in him, even when the doors were closed. Something that almost makes him throw the towel at the time but today hes great life saver.

Thanks to another television format, this singer released two first albums on the street with just when he was 10 ,12 years old. He knew what success was and then all opportunities would vanish. Maybe it was another time, he was too young or who knows, the important thing is that many years passed during which he came to feel how cruel the music industry can sometimes be. “I was about to throw in the towel, because I only found obstacles to the dreams of a madman like me. I did not want to be what this world decided for me, but something else. That is why I want to measure step to show who I am and not take a false step. All those bad years helped build the kid I am now, made me strong and safe. Be careful, I am no hero; Just a guy from Córdoba who fights as he can to be happy and do things the best he can. ”

Therefore, one of his greatest satisfactions has been to enter to record an entire album without having to read the lyrics, because most were his. “I recorded it closing my eyes and knowing what I had to sing. I opened them at some point because I cried while I did it. And I’ve seen people get excited in the studio with me several times. ” The study of each song before recording has been such caliber that four of the songs are recorded in only two shots . “I got to the studio, got into the fish tank, they put some curtains so that I could not see anyone and in the dark, I sang. The live is my passion, I think that’s where you really see who you are. Now the tour will come and I will give it all, because it puts me so much the previous moment to take the stage that I do it burning. People make your music feel great, how can you not give it all?

The cover letter is “Contigo”, which has co-written Antonio José with David Santisteban and David Villar and who managed to be the strongest entry of the week in the singles list. But beware that “Contigo” is just a transition step between the songs that Pablo López, Antonio Orozco, David Bisbal and Vanesa Martín wrote for their first album and what awaits their fans from now on. Antonio Jose wanted to talk about him in a song, but without telling everything. And so was born “Tengo un corazón”, called to be one of the most important issues of his career. The strength and magnitude of this theme is no coincidence, as demonstrated by the strength of his voice next to a piano in “Quédate conmigo”, the tear that stars in a song like “Te busqué”, composed during a somewhat sombre personal phase, or “Ahora tu”, an unfinished song that came to his hands when the repertoire was practically closed but that finished to complete as soon as it had in his hands. “You never know where the theme is going to be, or when it might come up”. And if you know it is precisely because your senses are always alert to a feeling, an inspiration, a story, a song. The singer-songwriter revelation of the last years has been born. And with the credibility of coming back and knowing where he steps, how he wants it and the irrepressible desire to show it. Antonio José has arrived to stay.