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Sala La Mirona
Carrer d'Amnistia Internacional
Salt, Girona 17190 España
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Camela do not return, simply because they have never left, but they have had to spend 3 years for Ángeles Muñoz and Dioni Martín to present their new album, perhaps the most anticipated by its thousands of loyal fans.

It is not easy to continue in the gap after 24 years on the road and at the top of the sales and popularity lists of the country, maybe only they know the formula for this to continue happening. Review the figures that accompany the history of the group continues to cause vertigo. There is no one in this country who does not know a handful of Camela’s successes and whoever says otherwise is lying. Very few formations can boast of that status.

The couple, one of the most beloved by the Spanish public, monopolizes the musical news again with “Me metí en tu corazón”, a collection of ten songs selected with great care in which the duo does not stop innovating in their sound but without losing the essence that led them to create their own identity and a genuine style.

For this new work, each of the components returns to contribute their own compositions and productions and the magic returns to occur, all the pieces fit perfectly in “Me metí en tu corazón”, cooked by a perfect tandem, where the two They give their best. Songs of Rubén Martín, son of Dioni, and produced by both and themes of Angels directed by Miguel Ángel Collado.

They are very clear about what their audience expects from them. The new album goes far beyond its “techno-rumba”, the group has not stopped evolving since its first albums. Camela does not renounce that sound, but they are also pop with capital letters, simple stories and voices that have managed to mature year after year.

If “Grease” was filmed in Spain, and in 2017, maybe it would have a soundtrack like “Me metí en tu corazón”, and that Camela is still synonymous with love, partying, daily life, fun, tenderness, of passionate loves and suffered disappointments but, above all, of an eternally young spirit, almost like the argument of the mythical film to which they pay tribute on the cover and the internal script of the album.