Jarabe de Palo brings us 50 Palos

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In 2017, and after almost two years having stopped their activity, Jarabe de Palo returns to the stage. And it does so by introducing a new project: 50 PALOS. Pau Donés celebrates 50 years and Jarabe de Palo 20, and they celebrate it with a new album, a book and a tour. His disc 50 PALOS collects 21 of his most popular songs versioned to piano and voice.

Jarabe de Palo , above all is a stage group. The concerts begin on March 18 in Mexico, at Vive Latino. It will be followed by the United States, Spain, Italy and Latin America by the end of the year. In total more than 70 concerts where the band presents their most well-known songs versioned to piano and voice. There will also be time for the electric concerts, with the whole band, to celebrate those 20 years of existence.

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