Antonio José will make Girona feel in love again

Antonio José will return to captivate the city of Girona next June 22 in the Auditori of Girona in a concert framed within his tour Senti2.

The winner of the third edition of the television program that launched him to success is one of the highlights of his musical career after Senti2 (his second and last album that gives name to his tour and has already been multiplatino ) Has led the top positions in the sales charts in Spain. He has been considered one of the revelation artists of recent years, and is that both his songs and his concerts provide entertainment and feelings assured for his listeners.

The Senti2 album, which contains 12 incredible songs - White & Bright

The Senti2 album, which contains 12 incredible songs (9 of them co-written by Antonio José together with other authors, and even some of them composed in isolation), is a clear example of the passion with which this young man lives the music, and is That with only 21 years his followers already announce that the singer has arrived to stay for much more time in the musical sector.

It is not the first time that the young Cordovan makes Girona public feel in love with him, since the city had the pleasure of enjoying the artist’s music months ago in a multitudinous concert full of good music, emotions and unforgettable moments in the same location of he’s next concert.

The expected concert will take place on Thursday, June 22 at the Auditori de Girona (Sala Montsalvatge) at 21:00, and for those who do not want to live without this great show, tickets are now available on the official website of the Auditori.

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