José Mercé y Tomatito: the best of flamenco in Girona

About a year ago, the project began to take shape. José Mercé and Tomatito, two old friends whose paths had crossed on countless occasions, have returned to agree on the same idea: record a disc together and make a tour to take their music to the most important stages of the world. The objective is clear: to claim flamenco as music, as culture, and elevate it to the category it deserves. Your alliance is about to make history.

“We think that it is the right moment in the race of both, after having made so much fusion and so much miscegenation, with so many lived experiences. Now we want to claim that flamenco also exists, that it is a culture. We should not let more time go by without reclaiming our roots.”

The project includes the recording of a disc that will be published at the end of summer to then embark on a worldwide tour. “We will start at the Palau de la Música in Barcelona on November 16th in the program of the Flamenco Festival of Barcelona De Cajón! and, from there, we will continue through the main cities of Spain, before making the jump abroad.”

As ambassadors of the best imaginable flamenco, Mercé and Tomatito are not going to renounce any scenario. “We are very excited to perform at Albert Hall in London or Olympia in Paris, among others, or to jump the Atlantic and perform in New York … The goal is to take flamenco around the world. We have enough experience to face the challenge. We are organizing everything with a lot of heart and a lot of soul. Our purpose is that the public from all over the world can enjoy flamenco, which is a music that has to be understood at a universal level. Flamenco is a World Heritage Site “.

The recording of the new album is being made in the studio that Tomatito has in the Almerian town of Aguadulce. It will be an album of pure flamenco, of the most classic that can be imagined, playing many styles, with tangos, alegrías, seguiriyas, soleás, bulerías, granaínas … It will be an album with original and unpublished songs, a repertoire of pure flamenco with new lyrics and unpublished music.

As soon as the tour and the staging, Tomatito and Mercé will be surrounded by two guitarists, a bassist, a percussion, palmeros and choruses. In total there will be about ten people on the tables in a show with a lot of depth.

José Mercé and Tomatito, with almost half a century of career behind them and the illusion intact, have committed themselves to a project as ambitious as it is beautiful. At the best moment of their careers, Mercé and Tomatito, Tomatito and Mercé, are about to write a golden chapter in the history of flamenco. His is the word.

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