Luis Fonsi will make Ibiza dance

Ibiza, get ready! Because the next July 31st the worldwide known singer Luis Fonsi will make us enjoy a fantastic concert.

2017 is being Louis Fonsi’s year, without doubt. He is a maximum exponent in the Latin music after 17 years of successful artistic trajectory, which was started with the album “Comenzaré” (1998). This amazing performer Puerto Rican had broken sales records in his singer career and he had been in the top of the popularity ranks, thanks to his performing quality, conquering millions of people around the globe.

But nothing is comparable to this year’s phenomenon, because its definitive recognition with the song “Despacito” ft. Daddy Yankee, the super successful song that had overtake all the expectations. Nowadays, this theme is about to reach the billion views on Internet, becoming the 2017 most seen video clip on Youtube. Furthermore, it has 11 consecutive weeks in the number 1 position of the Spanish selling rank, it has reached the 5th platinum disc, and in Spotify, since January 14th, it’s the number 1 in streams in Spain, it has generated more than 500 millions around the world, with nºs1 in countries such as Italy, Portugal, Suisse, Romania and top 10 in France and Russia.

Performer, compositor, instrumentalist and producer, Luis Fonsi has reached in the last years multiple gold and platinum discs in contries such as Mexico, Spain, EEUU, Puerto Rico, Argentina, Colombia, Venezuela and others. In addition, he has been rewarded with prestigious awards in the musical sector, such as 1 Latin Grammy, 5 Billboard, 8 El Nostre Awards, 1 ASCAP Voice of Music Awards, 10 Joventut Awards and 2 Cadena Dial Awards.

Now, with “Despacito” ft. Daddy Yankee, Luis Fonsy has encouraged his brilliant career to really stratospheric levels, becoming one of the most important world artists. Without any doubt, it’s the most relevant and overwhelming 2017’s song.

And, even more, this artist, with Daddy Yankee, have just released a new “Despacito” remix, with Justin Bieber’s collaboration. A new song version that is increasing his national and international repercussion.

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