Antonio José comes to Girona again!

Antonio José is coming back again to Girona!

Antonio José has become less than 3 years in the most pop artist in the country. After leaving the TV talent show, he is the only artist who has demonstrated a solid career and possibilities of consolidation in Spain and development in Latin America, and is probably the only one, or one of the very few, who have managed to stand out from a relevant way to leave the talent show internationally.

Endorsed by a legion of followers in their signatures, concerts and RRSS, it already has 4 Platinum albums (2 physicists with “El viaje” and 2 digitals with “Tú me obligaaste” feat Cali and Dandee) and a Gold Disc with Senti2 (which has grazed the Platinum Disc), 8 weeks No. 1 on official sale lists, continuous No. 1 on iTunes and an endless tour of more than 200 concerts with more than 250,000 people have seen him live. In addition, he had the privilege of being the first artist in Spain to be No. 1 in iTunes when “Despacito” reigned the chart of the digital list.

Antonio José continues growing personally and artistically. Involved to the 100% in the composition of his songs and collaborating habitually with composers Claudia Brant, David Santisteban, Andrés Suarez, Mauricio Rengifo (Cali y el Dandee), Antonio Orozco, Diogo Piçarra, Bebe, David DeMaría, etc. or over of the scenarios with artists like Antonio Orozco, Carlos Rivera or Pablo Lopez.

This third album is produced by Mauricio Rengifo (Cali and Dandee), Andrés Torres and David Santisteban, a combination that has resulted in a successful work.

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