Los Rebujitos in Girona

Manuel and Yerai form the group “Los Rebujitos”. Born in Tarifa (Cádiz), they release their first album in 2004 under the title “Lo Que Me Gusta De Ti”. An album with which they manage to gain a foothold in the world of music, selling more than 40,000 copies and performing more than 70 concerts throughout the Spanish geography. After that success, they decide to edit a Special Edition, with extra themes and a DVD with some songs in concert and video clips …

In 2005 he released his second album, “Tú de qué Vas”, much more prepared, much more mature and with changes in lyrics and a much improved style, with more Pop influences but without losing its flamenco flavor.

After a wait of almost 2 years, in 2007 they release their third album, “A Nuestra Bola”. One more album “Rebujito” than ever, including versions of artists like: José El Francés, El Junco, Los Chichos … and with new songs composed by themselves such as; “Remembering You”, “And You Will Come Back”, “Yesterday I Dreamed”, “I Do not Know What To Do”, “I Want” and a collaboration with Zinkiyos, with the theme “Fly”. With these issues reach the incredible number of more than 5 million views on YouTube with its first 10 entries, something within the reach of very few artists.
With this disc they have covered a large part of the National Geography, obtaining in each of the almost sixty live concerts, a great public success. Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Toledo, Castellón, Badajoz, Jaén, Córdoba, Seville, Cádiz, Huelva, Málaga, Granada, Almería, Ciudad Real … are some of the provinces that have visited in their live concerts, where they have left their professionalism and good do, receiving the best criticism from the public and the media.

In 2008, they presented their new album “MÁS CLARO, AGUA”. Under the musical production of Marko Katier and Aitor García, the same producer of his previous album.

In 2018 Los Rebujitos are composed only of Yerai, taking the musical direction, composition and essence of the Rebujitos brand. Making it clear that the composition of all his successes have come out of his own hand. They have more than 30 dates throughout the Spanish geography during this summer. The concert format consists of 4 musicians + female voice + male voice.

The new album comes out on June 15 under the title “9 + 1” with 10 unreleased tracks

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