Jarabe de Palo Girona

Girona is ready for Jarabe de Palo

In 2017, after almost two years of break, Jarabe de Palo returns to the stage, and they do it by presenting a new project: 50 PALOS. Pau Donés turns 50 and Jarabe de Palo 20, and they celebrate it with a new album, a book and a tour. 50 PALOS (the album) picks up 21 of his most popular songs, versioned by piano and voice, plus an unpublished ... Read more

New concert: Demarco Flamenco, Maki and María Artés!

DEMARCO FLAMENCO is a Spanish Rumba, Flamenco-Fusión and pop singer that has revolutionized the musical world in our country. He had grown up in the Spanish stages alongside Maki. Maki has been one of the producers of the debut album DEMARCO FLAMENCO. We will have the privilege of seeing them together in Girona on January 19th and enjoy ... Read more


Antonio Orozco in Girona

“Heroes are heroes because nobody knows what they are” From origin to destiny. This is how Antonio Orozco understood the journey without return that began the day he saw the light his first work A clock and a candle. Fifteen years and eight albums later the end of the journey is but a metaphor of the future, future that as if it ... Read more

india martinez

India Martinez comes again to Girona this November

Tour Secreto is the enigmatic title that India Martinez has chosen to present to the public her new concert tour. Her new album, Te cuento un secreto is a work loaded with very personal songs that the singer from Cordoba knows how to express as nobody on stage. Te cuento un secreto confirms India as an artist full of talent, consolid... Read more

Clan en vivo

Fun for everybody with Clan en Vivo!

It is a great musical show for the whole family, full of humor and fun. The stage has been redesigned turning it into a colorful TV set, where there will be 4 plays plus a spectacular and stunning happy ending, full of color and expectation! There are two sessions available: 4:30 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. Let’s start the show! Read more

Jaime Buenaventura

Come and enjoy Jaime Buenaventura to Bellavista Afterworks!

Jaime Buenaventura (Madrid, September 8th, 1991) is a rock and pop Spanish musician. He was born in Madrid and bred in the township of Majadahonda. His passion for music started during the Majadahonda’s patronal festivities and celebrations in 2007, thanks to the rock concert that the band Pereza offered and that he assisted with some of ... Read more

Luis Fonsi will make Ibiza dance

Ibiza, get ready! Because the next July 31st the worldwide known singer Luis Fonsi will make us enjoy a fantastic concert. 2017 is being Louis Fonsi’s year, without doubt. He is a maximum exponent in the Latin music after 17 years of successful artistic trajectory, which was started with the album “Comenzaré” (1998). This amazing ... Read more

noticia u2

The best of U2 arrives to Girona and Vilafranca

  Can you imagine singing as loud as you can the most famous U2’ songs? Are you a huge fan of this band? You are lucky! White&Bright brings you U2 Zen Garden, the most known U2 tribute band. Naturals from Milan (Italy) walk their show around the world and their passion for U2 makes the show the audiovisual experience more ... Read more

Antonio José will make Girona feel in love again

The winner of the third edition of the television program that launched him to success is one of the highlights of his musical career after Senti2 (his second and last album that gives name to his tour and has already been multiplatino ) Has led the top positions in the sales charts in Spain. He has been considered one of the revela... Read more